We are in that time of the year when serious storm threats have come to be expected. Recently, we had a day or two when my phone was repeatedly sounding storm and tornado alerts for our area. People were watching the skies and looking for safe places to occupy. Generally speaking, these alerts are fairly accurate with the time of their arrival and their severity. These alerts help you to prepare for what may be coming. These storms are a necessary part of life. They produce rain which is necessary for growth.

Storms are a part of life. Unfortunately, they often come our way without advanced warning. Sometimes people interpret storms as God punishing them or being angry at them. In the life of Job, it was the enemy that brought trouble and distress into his life. Though he did not understand the why, he remained faithful to God through it all. With our limited understanding and insight, often we do not understand the troubles we face in this life. Ultimately it comes down to our faith and trust in a God who loves us. Just as storms are necessary to provide the rain which produces growth, God desires that we will use our life storms for personal spiritual growth. My prayer for you is that your trust in God will be cemented as you allow Him to lead you through whatever storms you may be facing.