In just a few days we will be celebrating the greatest day of all time. Easter! We will celebrate that God’s plan of redemption was made complete when He raised Jesus from the grave. We celebrate that God’s plan of salvation was now complete and we can be restored to a right relationship with Him. Yes, many people will search for new outfits, new clothes, eggs filled with candy. But the true message of Easter is a story of God’s love for us and a plan for forgiveness and restoration to Him.


On Easter Sunday, more people will be in church than any time of the year. Why? Because we have a message of hope. We have a message that offers life transformation. We have a message that demonstrates love beyond comprehension. We have a message that demonstrates the power of God! Some of the greatest words in all of Scripture are found in Luke 24:6, “He is not here; he has risen!” In a world in desperate need of transformation and hope, we have the answer. It is the powerful message of the resurrected living Christ! It is not just a message to be proclaimed. It is a message to be lived out. The power of the message is when we live out the hope, love, and transformation that is found in Jesus Christ. So, come and celebrate Jesus on Easter Sunday. And then live out His message every day.