Share Your Story

I recently had the privilege of having a part in the funeral of the last living relative in my father’s family. Uncle Duane was one of seven children, six boys (5 served in WWII) and a girl. He was 101 years old and still had a sharp mind. Duane always had a story to tell. One of my favorite stories was when he was in the Navy during the war serving in the South Pacific on board ship. One day he felt very uneasy and troubled in his spirit. He went    below deck and got his Bible and read Psalm 91 several times and prayed. A calmness came over him. At eight o’clock in the evening he began his watch duty on deck of the ship until midnight. He said it was a bright clear night and the ocean was calm. It seemed like you could see forever. About eleven o’clock he said suddenly heavy clouds appeared from nowhere and it became pitch black until you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. Shortly after that the radar of the ship picked up eleven enemy bombers passing right over their ship. The heavy dark clouds prevented the pilots from seeing the ship. When the planes were gone, the clouds disappeared and it was clear again. He told me that God gave him that scripture that day for assurance, and God was faithful to His promise. I cannot imagine how many people have heard my uncle tell that story. He was always eager to tell it to anyone who would listen.

You have a story to tell. There have been times when you have seen the hand of God work in ways that can only be explained as God. Your story may be about how God saved you, or protected you, or provided for you. When you share your story about what God has done, you are making an IMPACT. As we come to the close of this sermon series on our life making an IMPACT, I am challenging each of us to be more intentional to IMPACT the lives of others for Jesus Christ. God does not want to waste your story. Tell it! Others will be impacted.