Nothin' but Net!

Though I am not much of a fan of the NBA (yes, I love baseball) I have to admit it was certainly fun to watch the Indiana Pacers when Reggie Miller was playing. I still love watching the video clip where he scored eight points in nine seconds to beat the New York Knicks. One thing we all knew was that Reggie was the “go-to” guy for the Pacers. If the game was on the line, the ball was going to be in his hands. If a bucket was need to stop a run by the other team, the ball would go to Reggie. When it mattered, when the game was on the line it was Miller time. Of course we understand that it was through countless hours of practicing shooting, fundamentals, film study, and preparation that enabled him to be the “go-to” guy. Every good team needs a go-to person.


 I wonder how many of us are the “go-to” person for God. When a prayer warrior is needed, are you the “go-to” person. I am not talking about praying a prayer, “God help them.” When spiritual warfare is taking place and a warrior is needed to break through, are you the “go-to” person. When God needs someone with courage to speak truth, are you His “go-to” person? When God needs someone to speak to an unsaved person about knowing God, are you His “go-to” person? When someone is desperately in need of encouragement, are you the go-to person? Each of us have been given specific gifts and abilities. They have been given to us by God our creator. However, it is up to us to develop those gifts and abilities in a way that we can be God’s “go-to” person. So the game is on the line. The battle is raging. Have you prayed, studied, and developed your God given gifts so you can be God’s “go-to” person? The clock is ticking. The game is winding down. Develop your gifts. Get in the game. Be the person God can count on to give it your all. Be the best you can be. God’s team needs you at your best and He wants to be able to count on you.