Be Ready!


Most of us have been horrified as we watched the destructive paths of the hurricanes that wrecked Texas, Florida, Puerto Rica, and other islands of the Caribbean. Our church and many of you have given to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries to assist those responding to the great humanitarian need. Additionally, we have witnessed the devastation and loss of life following the earthquakes in Mexico and fires that have ravished parts of the western United States. We find ourselves asking, “What is going on?”

In addition to these natural disasters, we see turmoil, conflict, and hatred all around the world. Millions have been displaced from their homelands due to conflicts. Terrorists continue to display their hatred by murdering innocent victims. Wars continue to ravage countries with no peace in sight. Political and racial divide continues to escalate. Almost lost in the shuffle is the continued murder of thousands of unborn babies each year. We find ourselves asking, “What is going on?”

Have we forgotten that scripture tells us that Jesus Christ is going to return to take faithful followers from this world? And have we forgotten that scripture tells us that things will get worse before He comes? Could all of these be signs that the return of Christ is near? So, what should we as Christians do?

 First, we should be praying earnestly…for those who are suffering, for those involved in conflict, for those who do not know Jesus as their Savior, for our world leaders, for those who hate, for peace, that evil will be defeated, and much more. Second, we should be part of the solution, not the problem…helping those who are suffering, giving as we have been blessed, showing love instead of hate, not using social media to add to the divide, being the love of Christ to all people, working to enhance unity, and much more. Third, Jesus gave us signs that His return is near and said, “Be ready!” And be serious and diligent to bring others to Christ. We live in very troubled times. Are you looking for, prepared for, and ready for His return?