Where to Start

I suppose by now you have given some thought to making some New Year’s resolutions. Many people commit to being nicer, having daily devotions, breaking a bad habit, and of course all of us commit to losing those dreadful pounds we gained over Christmas. Yet studies have shown that most resolutions are broken within just a matter of days. I am sure these resolutions were made with good intent. We soon discover that good intentions do not take us very far. Change takes more than good intentions.

David had more than good intentions when he cried out to God in Psalm 51:10, “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Any change that is lasting has to begin with God doing a work in our heart. Any sin in our life comes from our sinful nature. David realized a pure heart was the right place to start for a life that would honor God. Then he prays for a steadfast spirit. David is praying for consistency in his spirit. So often we start out good with great intentions, yet our actions display an inconsistent pattern. A pure heart is the first step toward a steadfast consistent spirit.

I challenge you to begin 2017 with this prayer and to pray it repeatedly throughout the year. Put in on your mirror or your refrigerator. Perhaps you could put it on your electronic calendar to pop up each week for you to pray. If you pray this prayer and mean it with all your heart, God will lead you into a deeper walk this year and your life will make a greater impact for Him.