GOLD......or not?

Many of us have spent the last few weeks watching the Olympics. These athletes from around the world have devoted their lives to intense training for a moment that in many cases would last a few seconds or minutes. Their goal was to be able to stand on top of the award podium with a gold medal around their neck. Unfortunately, we have seen that several of those athletes who succeeded in winning the gold medal in their sport disappointed us in their character and would receive no medal in the way they live their life. Their lifetime of training and moment of glory faded quickly in the exposure of their character.

Scripture reminds us that the prize we are seeking to obtain is not a passing moment of fame. We are on a journey to win a prize that is an eternal celebration. How we live in this life does matter. We live this life for the glory and honor of God and the reward we receive will be forever with God and the heavenly gold. The Apostle Paul expressed it like this: “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil.3:14) While it is worthwhile to have some earthly goals we should be reminded that they are temporary and fading. Live your life every day to win the heavenly prize. Do not disqualify yourself with things that are only temporarily fulfilling. Press on for the reward that will last. There is a reward out there and you can have it. The heavenly crowd is on their feet cheering you on. Go for the gold!