This month I will wrap up forty-two years of pastoral ministry. I have had the privilege of pastoring three wonderful churches in the Church of the Nazarene with the last twenty-five being here at Anderson First. The road traveled has not always been easy, but I can proclaim that God has been good. I am thankful for the preparation I received for ministry from Olivet Nazarene University and Nazarene Theological Seminary. I am thankful for the many mentors who have helped shape and mold my life of ministry. I am thankful for my family who has given support and understanding across these years. I have been blessed beyond measure.

As you can imagine, across the years I have seen many changes. Times have changed. Trends have changed. Technology has changed. Society has changed. Attitudes have changed. On and on, the list could go. One standard I have tried to use as a guide is, “On preferences, be flexible. On priorities, stand firm and drive a stake.” While the church looks for better methods, God looks for better people. The great need of our day is not for better machinery or more novel methods. Our great need today is for people God can fill and use. God does not come on machinery or methods. He comes on people. And we will never be those people until we hunger and thirst for more of God. Nothing can stop those who hunger and thirst for more of God. So, I leave you with this final word. Get hungry. Get thirsty. Stay hungry and thirsty and you will be amazed what God will do!


Years ago, I came across a profound statement which I wrote out and tacked up in the study area of my office so I could see it on a regular basis. If I knew who said it or where I got it I would certainly give them credit. The statement simply says, “Nothing I say today will teach me anything. If I am going to learn, I must do it by listening.” Listening is a skill many people never take the time or effort to develop. Few people are naturally good listeners. Most often when someone is talking to us our mind is already thinking about what our response will be instead of listening. Many relationship troubles are the result of hearing what we want to hear instead of what is actually being said. Often, I have had couples repeat what they heard the other party say, and the results were not accurate. We must take the time and effort to truly listen.

I often wonder how good we are at listening to God. We do a lot of talking to God, but if the statement that nothing I say will teach me anything, our talking to God does not equate to spiritual growth. Listening to God is the avenue for growth. There are many passages in scripture which talk about listening or hearing. John 8:47 says, “He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” Matthew 11:15, “He who has ears, let him hear.” II Tim. 4:3, For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

Prayer is a wonderful thing and we need more of it. But it is not just a one-way conversation. Prayer also involves hearing and listening to God. Often, we talk to God telling Him what He needs to be doing. God may have a better plan. Scripture invites us to make our requests to but also for us to listen to what God may want to say to us. I urge you to work on your listening skills. Remember you learn by listening.


I am certain by now most of you have heard my announcement concerning my coming retirement plans. I have submitted my resignation from AFC to our District Superintendent with my last Sunday being July 22. All I have known for the last 42 years is being a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene with 25 of those years being at AFC. I assure you that this decision has come with considerable prayer and consideration. The church is strong and healthy. In these twenty-five years we have gone through many changes and transitions. This city has changed dramatically in the last twenty-five years. We have had to adjust ministries to meet the needs around us. We have weathered difficult financial strains and come out strong and healthy. God has been faithful and you have responded with commitment and faithfulness. We came here with two young boys and leave with two daughters-in-law and four granddaughters. You walked with us through Linda’s two cancer treatments. For all your love, compassion, and support we will forever be grateful.

So, what does this mean for AFC? Soon our District Superintendent will be meeting with the Church Board to lay out the search/transition plan. The Church Board will interview those they would like to consider to be the pastor. Ultimately, they will make a recommendation to the church and every church member will have the opportunity to cast a vote. This MUST be a time for unity and prayer. This is a great church with great people. My retirement does not change that! The enemy would seek to use this time to create confusion and division. Don’t allow that to happen! If this has been your church home it should continue to be your church home. I believe great days are ahead for AFC. Continue to pray and seek God’s will. His leading is always right. And, as always, you will be in our prayers. Please keep Linda and me in your prayers during this time of personal adjustment and transition for us. We love you all!


It is always amazing to me how you can read a passage of scripture many times and each time something new jumps out to teach you something you had not seen. That recently happened again to me. Luke 11:1 says, “One day, Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord, teach us to (emphasis mine) pray, just as John taught his disciples.’” I had never read this passage this way. The request here was not teach us how to pray, but teach us to pray. Most of us want to know how to pray. (By the way, we only learn how to pray by regularly doing it.  Pray out loud, even when you are alone. It will help you overcome your fear of how you pray and maintain concentration as you pray). The request by the disciple was teach us TO pray.

Could it be that our greatest need today is to learn TO pray? I am not talking about a brief prayer of thanks before you eat your meal. I am not talking about thanking God for watching over you during the day and asking for a good night’s sleep. We have a desperate need to cry out to God for those who don’t know Jesus Christ as their Savior. How passionate are we in praying for our unsaved family members? Do we cry out to God for our city? Are we just willing to allow those who are lost in darkness to go on in their ways, or do we cry out to God for their salvation? Are we desperate to see a spiritual breakthrough? Do we spend a lot of time praying about nonessentials to the neglect of essentials? God has promised to supply our needs, yet we spend much time praying about those needs. Do we have regular prayer times where we cry out to God and not allow other things to interfere or interrupt? These are searching questions. I challenge you to ask God to teach you TO pray. And get ready because when we do, God will respond!

My Opinion...

Everyone today has an opinion! It does not matter if it is politics, sports, weather, education, heat vs. AC, children, or fill in the blank. Everyone has an opinion and they are eager to share it. And by the way, their opinion is the right one. If you do not agree with them, you have probably run the risk of losing a friendship. Sometimes that mindset even finds its way into our views of God, the church, and spiritual experience. We have an opinion what church should feel like or how we should dress at church. We have an opinion what the church should look like or how it should be run. We have an opinion about what the sermon or music should be like. And sometimes we have an attitude that everyone needs to get in line with our opinions or you will not be a part of our circle. We can fall into the trap of thinking that everyone must conform to how we believe they should act, look, talk, etc. if they are going to be a Christian.

BREAKING NEWS: God’s dream for every person is not that they will become like you or me, but that they will become like Jesus. Jesus did not call people to follow their pastor, Sunday School teacher, neighbor, boss at work, teacher at school, or spouse. Jesus put it straight and simple, “Follow me!” It matters not what you or I think. It totally matters what Jesus thinks. So, this begs the question, “Am I being everything that Jesus wants me to be?” Am I seeking to walk in the pattern Jesus has set? Am I more concerned about living up to the expectations of everyone else or am I focused on following Jesus? I am sure you have an opinion, but I would like to hear from Jesus.  Let’s seek Him!

Almost Here! Ready?

Many of us are anxiously awaiting the breeze of Spring. The air will be filled with freshness. The grass and trees will show signs of new life. Birds will once again be singing. Most of us would love to see it tomorrow. Likewise, many of us have anxiously been anticipating the coming of our Spring revival, March 4-7, with Dr. Stephen Manley. We are longing for a fresh wind of God’s Spirit. We are anxious to see signs of new life. We anticipate transformation and songs of victory.

Dr. Manley is no stranger to our congregation. He has been a frequent campmeeting speaker on our district. He has served many years as an evangelist with the Church of the Nazarene. At one time he held his church membership here at AFC. He is a gifted preacher and Bible teacher. We are very fortunate to have him with us for these days. However, I want to be perfectly clear. Revival will not happen because we have a gifted and anointed speaker coming for these services. It will not happen because we have had these dates on the calendar for a couple years. True revival will only happen when we cry out to God, open our hearts to Him, become seekers after God, and give Him permission to rearrange our lives. Scripture promises that we find God when we seek Him with all of our heart. That does not mean showing up for a service or two. It means for these few days making this your #1 Priority. And it means seeking God before you ever come to the services.

Dr. Manley is excited about coming to AFC. The plans and arrangements have been made. All we need are people with a hunger for more of God.

New Same Ole


So, it is a new year! 2017 is history and 2018 lies before you unwritten. Some of you have made resolutions which will be broken soon. Some have committed to make some fundamental changes in their life, family, marriage, finances, devotions, eating habits, exercise, church attendance...do I need to go on? You are starting out with a great resolve and I pray you will stick to your commitment to improve your life and leave an influence that will be a testimony of your faithfulness to God.

Some of you have resolved that for 2018 it will be the same ole same ole. You have no desire or intention to change anything, improve anything, or do anything different. And then sometime during the year you will complain that you are stuck in a rut, nothing is better, and good things never come your way. You want things to get better, but without any effort on your part. II Peter1:5-8 says, “…make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love. For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Unless you missed it, that is not same ole same ole. That is intentional effort on our part to be everything God wants us to be. And when we do, look out 2018!

Amazing Plan...Willing Participant!

nativity scene.png

Recently I have been looking at the Christmas story as recorded in the gospels. (Isn’t that what we are supposed to do this time of year?) Two lines in Matthew chapter one jumped out at me. V.18, “This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about…” and then v.22, “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet.” There are two things I see in this. First, God had a plan long before it ever took place. He spoke of this plan through the prophets hundreds of years before the plan unfolded. He had a plan to redeem man that cut through all the ritual. He had a plan that would bring man into a right and personal relationship to Himself. He carried out and fulfilled that plan through the birth of Jesus Christ. Secondly, to carry out and fulfill that plan He had to have willing participants. He needed those people who were willing to accept His plan even knowing that it would require sacrifice, inconvenience, and would also bring some scorn from many people. Mary being willing to carry and birth Jesus, Joseph willing to be ridiculed for accepting Mary as his wife, shepherds willing to forsake their responsibilities of guarding their sheep, and wise men willing to make a lengthy journey to pursue answers to what was happening are just a few of the willing participants.

As you journey through these days of celebrating Christmas, I urge you to recognize that God has a plan for your life. You may not currently see it or even be living it. His plan for you begins with you recognizing that Jesus came to bring you forgiveness and salvation from your sins. And His plan continues as He unfolds how He wants a personal relationship with you so that you can live the abundant life He has for you.  I urge you to slow down and consider that God has a plan for your life and consider committing to seeking to discover that plan and how it might unfold. And once you can accept that God has a plan for you, commit to being a willing participant. God will not force Himself on you but does invite you to come to Him and let Him unfold His plan for your life. Christmas is exciting! So is the plan God has for you! Be a willing participant!

The Difference!

The Difference!.png

I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a meeting or gathering when the person in charge has turned to me and said, “Preacher, say a prayer for us.” So recently I have been contemplating the difference between “praying” and “saying a prayer.” All of us have times when we say a prayer. Maybe it is before a meal when we thank God for our food and His blessings. Maybe it is in the morning when we begin our day asking God for His protection and blessings on our day. Maybe it is in the evening when we thank God for being with us through the day. It is not unusual for us to include adoration, thanks, and supplication when we say a prayer. Often throughout the day we say a prayer and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. It is good to thank God and to ask for His help. It is a good thing to say a prayer.

However, one of the great temptations we face is to be content with saying a prayer to the neglect of praying. When Jesus was praying on the Mt. of Olives in Luke 22:4, “And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground” He was not saying a prayer. He was praying. My sense is that praying has an urgency and desperation to it. It is not routine and business as usual. It is a cry out to God to act and intervene. Jesus prayed and sweat like drops of blood fell to the ground. While I am sure that most of us say a prayer on a regular and probably daily basis I believe there is a greater need among the followers of Jesus for praying. There is a great need for us to be desperate and earnest in our praying. We need to be earnest in praying for lives to be transformed. We need to be desperate for the glory of God. We need to seek for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We need to call on God for conviction of sin. While it is good for us to say a prayer, it is essential for us to be praying. God still responds to our praying.

Be Ready!


Most of us have been horrified as we watched the destructive paths of the hurricanes that wrecked Texas, Florida, Puerto Rica, and other islands of the Caribbean. Our church and many of you have given to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries to assist those responding to the great humanitarian need. Additionally, we have witnessed the devastation and loss of life following the earthquakes in Mexico and fires that have ravished parts of the western United States. We find ourselves asking, “What is going on?”

In addition to these natural disasters, we see turmoil, conflict, and hatred all around the world. Millions have been displaced from their homelands due to conflicts. Terrorists continue to display their hatred by murdering innocent victims. Wars continue to ravage countries with no peace in sight. Political and racial divide continues to escalate. Almost lost in the shuffle is the continued murder of thousands of unborn babies each year. We find ourselves asking, “What is going on?”

Have we forgotten that scripture tells us that Jesus Christ is going to return to take faithful followers from this world? And have we forgotten that scripture tells us that things will get worse before He comes? Could all of these be signs that the return of Christ is near? So, what should we as Christians do?

 First, we should be praying earnestly…for those who are suffering, for those involved in conflict, for those who do not know Jesus as their Savior, for our world leaders, for those who hate, for peace, that evil will be defeated, and much more. Second, we should be part of the solution, not the problem…helping those who are suffering, giving as we have been blessed, showing love instead of hate, not using social media to add to the divide, being the love of Christ to all people, working to enhance unity, and much more. Third, Jesus gave us signs that His return is near and said, “Be ready!” And be serious and diligent to bring others to Christ. We live in very troubled times. Are you looking for, prepared for, and ready for His return?

My Church!

Recently I had the privilege of representing our district as a delegate to the General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene held in Indianapolis. The week long event happens every four years and involves multiple worship services, workshops, community interaction, children and youth events, training, and business/legislative sessions. Delegates are sent from districts from all over the world. It was a privilege and a joy to be part of all that was taking place. And as I listened to reports how God has been working through our church these last four years, I was so proud of a church that has sought to fulfill the Great Commission of spreading the gospel around the world. Here are some facts reported:

  • The Church of the Nazarene is now operating in 162 countries.
  • Membership in the Church of the Nazarene has grown to 2.471 million.
  • Weekly worship attendance in the Church of the Nazarene is 1.5 million.
  • The growth rate in the Church of the Nazarene over the last four years has been 14.91%.
  • AND, every day through the ministry of the Church of the Nazarene worldwide 300 people come to know Jesus Christ!

As I reflected on this, and so much more, I was proud of my church and the way God has led the church to be a movement for Him. I am proud that we are serious about reaching all people with the good news of the gospel. I am proud that we seek to reach all people of every race, culture, and social standing. Some people worship under trees. Others worship in modern facilities. Some services are very traditional while others are contemporary. Yet when we came together in Indianapolis there was a great spirit of unity and the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident in all the services, business, and activities. I am proud to be a part of the Church of the Nazarene and what it is doing to reach people for Christ and help them in spiritual growth. We are a great church, both here and around the world. May God continue to use us both here and in every corner of the world!

Significant Gathering


In just a few days the General Conventions and General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene will be held in Indianapolis (June 22-29) at the convention center. This historic gathering of Nazarenes from all over the world only happens every four years and this year will be taking place in our back door. There will be open worship services each evening June 22-24 (Thurs.-Sat) at 7:00pm with one of our General Superintendents preaching. Sunday services, June 25, will be at 10:00am and 4:00pm with one of the General Superintendents preaching in each service. Business and legislative sessions will be Monday-Thursday (June 26-29). I would encourage you to attend any of these services possible and especially be praying for these important services and meetings. Pray also for safe travel as many will be coming from all parts of the world. We are expecting 20,000+ people to attend. Our prayer is that God’s anointing will be on this time in such a way that a spirit of revival would break out and would go with those in attendance back to their corner of the world. Wouldn’t it be great if a spirit of revival would take over this gathering and spread around the globe in our churches?

Also, pray that God’s spirit will be in all the business and legislative sessions. This body of delegates will be electing two new General Superintendents to replace two who are retiring. This body will also affirm the doctrines and beliefs of the Church of the Nazarene. I am personally thankful for the biblical doctrine of our church. We believe that man is sinful and needs the forgiveness provided through Jesus Christ and His death on the cross. We further believe that we are called to live holy lives which can only be accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit filling and cleansing our hearts. We believe that our Lord will return and that we will all stand before Him to give an account of the life we have lived. It is important what we believe. If we do not know what we believe and why we believe it, we are subject to many false teachings. There seems to be an attitude today that you can believe anything you want. We hold that the Bible holds the truth that we need for living, salvation, and eternal life with God. I thank God for the doctrines of the Church of the Nazarene and ask you to join me in praying for God to bless these important meetings.


We are in that time of the year when serious storm threats have come to be expected. Recently, we had a day or two when my phone was repeatedly sounding storm and tornado alerts for our area. People were watching the skies and looking for safe places to occupy. Generally speaking, these alerts are fairly accurate with the time of their arrival and their severity. These alerts help you to prepare for what may be coming. These storms are a necessary part of life. They produce rain which is necessary for growth.

Storms are a part of life. Unfortunately, they often come our way without advanced warning. Sometimes people interpret storms as God punishing them or being angry at them. In the life of Job, it was the enemy that brought trouble and distress into his life. Though he did not understand the why, he remained faithful to God through it all. With our limited understanding and insight, often we do not understand the troubles we face in this life. Ultimately it comes down to our faith and trust in a God who loves us. Just as storms are necessary to provide the rain which produces growth, God desires that we will use our life storms for personal spiritual growth. My prayer for you is that your trust in God will be cemented as you allow Him to lead you through whatever storms you may be facing.


In just a few days we will be celebrating the greatest day of all time. Easter! We will celebrate that God’s plan of redemption was made complete when He raised Jesus from the grave. We celebrate that God’s plan of salvation was now complete and we can be restored to a right relationship with Him. Yes, many people will search for new outfits, new clothes, eggs filled with candy. But the true message of Easter is a story of God’s love for us and a plan for forgiveness and restoration to Him.


On Easter Sunday, more people will be in church than any time of the year. Why? Because we have a message of hope. We have a message that offers life transformation. We have a message that demonstrates love beyond comprehension. We have a message that demonstrates the power of God! Some of the greatest words in all of Scripture are found in Luke 24:6, “He is not here; he has risen!” In a world in desperate need of transformation and hope, we have the answer. It is the powerful message of the resurrected living Christ! It is not just a message to be proclaimed. It is a message to be lived out. The power of the message is when we live out the hope, love, and transformation that is found in Jesus Christ. So, come and celebrate Jesus on Easter Sunday. And then live out His message every day.

Share Your Story

I recently had the privilege of having a part in the funeral of the last living relative in my father’s family. Uncle Duane was one of seven children, six boys (5 served in WWII) and a girl. He was 101 years old and still had a sharp mind. Duane always had a story to tell. One of my favorite stories was when he was in the Navy during the war serving in the South Pacific on board ship. One day he felt very uneasy and troubled in his spirit. He went    below deck and got his Bible and read Psalm 91 several times and prayed. A calmness came over him. At eight o’clock in the evening he began his watch duty on deck of the ship until midnight. He said it was a bright clear night and the ocean was calm. It seemed like you could see forever. About eleven o’clock he said suddenly heavy clouds appeared from nowhere and it became pitch black until you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. Shortly after that the radar of the ship picked up eleven enemy bombers passing right over their ship. The heavy dark clouds prevented the pilots from seeing the ship. When the planes were gone, the clouds disappeared and it was clear again. He told me that God gave him that scripture that day for assurance, and God was faithful to His promise. I cannot imagine how many people have heard my uncle tell that story. He was always eager to tell it to anyone who would listen.

You have a story to tell. There have been times when you have seen the hand of God work in ways that can only be explained as God. Your story may be about how God saved you, or protected you, or provided for you. When you share your story about what God has done, you are making an IMPACT. As we come to the close of this sermon series on our life making an IMPACT, I am challenging each of us to be more intentional to IMPACT the lives of others for Jesus Christ. God does not want to waste your story. Tell it! Others will be impacted.

Nothin' but Net!

Though I am not much of a fan of the NBA (yes, I love baseball) I have to admit it was certainly fun to watch the Indiana Pacers when Reggie Miller was playing. I still love watching the video clip where he scored eight points in nine seconds to beat the New York Knicks. One thing we all knew was that Reggie was the “go-to” guy for the Pacers. If the game was on the line, the ball was going to be in his hands. If a bucket was need to stop a run by the other team, the ball would go to Reggie. When it mattered, when the game was on the line it was Miller time. Of course we understand that it was through countless hours of practicing shooting, fundamentals, film study, and preparation that enabled him to be the “go-to” guy. Every good team needs a go-to person.


 I wonder how many of us are the “go-to” person for God. When a prayer warrior is needed, are you the “go-to” person. I am not talking about praying a prayer, “God help them.” When spiritual warfare is taking place and a warrior is needed to break through, are you the “go-to” person. When God needs someone with courage to speak truth, are you His “go-to” person? When God needs someone to speak to an unsaved person about knowing God, are you His “go-to” person? When someone is desperately in need of encouragement, are you the go-to person? Each of us have been given specific gifts and abilities. They have been given to us by God our creator. However, it is up to us to develop those gifts and abilities in a way that we can be God’s “go-to” person. So the game is on the line. The battle is raging. Have you prayed, studied, and developed your God given gifts so you can be God’s “go-to” person? The clock is ticking. The game is winding down. Develop your gifts. Get in the game. Be the person God can count on to give it your all. Be the best you can be. God’s team needs you at your best and He wants to be able to count on you.

Where to Start

I suppose by now you have given some thought to making some New Year’s resolutions. Many people commit to being nicer, having daily devotions, breaking a bad habit, and of course all of us commit to losing those dreadful pounds we gained over Christmas. Yet studies have shown that most resolutions are broken within just a matter of days. I am sure these resolutions were made with good intent. We soon discover that good intentions do not take us very far. Change takes more than good intentions.

David had more than good intentions when he cried out to God in Psalm 51:10, “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Any change that is lasting has to begin with God doing a work in our heart. Any sin in our life comes from our sinful nature. David realized a pure heart was the right place to start for a life that would honor God. Then he prays for a steadfast spirit. David is praying for consistency in his spirit. So often we start out good with great intentions, yet our actions display an inconsistent pattern. A pure heart is the first step toward a steadfast consistent spirit.

I challenge you to begin 2017 with this prayer and to pray it repeatedly throughout the year. Put in on your mirror or your refrigerator. Perhaps you could put it on your electronic calendar to pop up each week for you to pray. If you pray this prayer and mean it with all your heart, God will lead you into a deeper walk this year and your life will make a greater impact for Him.

Lessons From Christmas

There is probably one Christmas that sticks in my memory more than any other. We never had a lot when I was a young boy. So when Christmas came around, we always had some gifts but nothing was extravagant. This particular Christmas, we all knew that things were tight. My brother and I had each expressed how much we wanted a particular gift. In fact, we let it be known that if we got that gift we would be very excited if it was our only gift. By the few small packages under the tree, we knew the gift we had requested was not there. So on Christmas we opened the few little packages. After we all had opened our gifts our parents asked if we were happy with Christmas. Knowing finances were limited we both said we were, even though we were disappointed not getting what we had hoped for. Quietly my father slipped out of the room and came back in carrying the two gifts these two boys had longed for. We knew our parents had sacrificed to bring joy to their children.

There were two very important lessons I learned that Christmas. Though at that age I may not have understood it completely, the actions of my parents taught me the sacrificial love a parent has for their children. That Christmas was also a demonstration of the love of our heavenly Father. The Messiah had not come. Things were dark and hopelessly disappointing. Expectation was low. Yet God knew what the world needed. They needed a gift. A big gift beyond expectation. And so God made the sacrifice of sending His Son to be the light of salvation to those in darkness. Joy to the world, the Lord has come!

I have reflected on that Christmas memory many times and it still tugs at my heart. And I also continue to reflect on the love God showed in giving us Jesus, and it still tugs at my heart as well. Experience the Joy of a Fathers love this Christmas and let it change you.                                                                                                                                                          

This One Thing...


We live in a time of unprecedented uncertainty. Many people wonder from week to week if they will still have a job to support their family. Terrorist activity seems to be increasing and expanding. I know people who refuse to watch the evening news before they go to bed because they want to be able to sleep at night. The divisions and distrust in our land have never been greater. Most of us are fearful of what our children and grandchildren will face if we continue on the path we are going.

In the face of all that is happening scripture reminds us, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ” (Phil. 1:27). Most of what happens is out of our control. You and I have no control over corporate decisions. We do not have a voice that is heard by politicians who run our government. We feel personally helpless in the fight on terror. We feel like our Christian faith is ridiculed. And we do not see things trending toward improvement. Yet scripture instructs us that in whatever happens we are to conduct ourselves worthy of the gospel of Christ. There is not much in this world that I actually have the power to change. Companies and governments will do what they choose with no regard for you or me. The one thing that we can do is to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. That is so much more than going to church on Sunday or associating with Christian people. It means the fruit of our lives must demonstrate Jesus. It means our actions and words must be like those of Christ. Whatever happens in your life or things around you, our call is to live worthy of the gospel of Christ.

GOLD......or not?

Many of us have spent the last few weeks watching the Olympics. These athletes from around the world have devoted their lives to intense training for a moment that in many cases would last a few seconds or minutes. Their goal was to be able to stand on top of the award podium with a gold medal around their neck. Unfortunately, we have seen that several of those athletes who succeeded in winning the gold medal in their sport disappointed us in their character and would receive no medal in the way they live their life. Their lifetime of training and moment of glory faded quickly in the exposure of their character.

Scripture reminds us that the prize we are seeking to obtain is not a passing moment of fame. We are on a journey to win a prize that is an eternal celebration. How we live in this life does matter. We live this life for the glory and honor of God and the reward we receive will be forever with God and the heavenly gold. The Apostle Paul expressed it like this: “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil.3:14) While it is worthwhile to have some earthly goals we should be reminded that they are temporary and fading. Live your life every day to win the heavenly prize. Do not disqualify yourself with things that are only temporarily fulfilling. Press on for the reward that will last. There is a reward out there and you can have it. The heavenly crowd is on their feet cheering you on. Go for the gold!